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Commercial Cleaning

At Keep-It-Clean, we believe that a clean business is the key to success. A tidy appearance reflects positively on your brand and tells customers that you care about their experience. Our team takes pride in providing top-quality cleaning services for businesses of all sizes. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure your business is spotless, organized, and inviting. Contact us today to keep your business looking its best!

Clean business = More business

Office Cleaner
Cleaning Tables

Office & Business Cleaning

  • Taking out Trash

  • Desk & Tables Cleaning

  • Breakroom/Kitchen Cleaning

  • Floor Cleaning 

    • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop​

  • Restocking Toiletries, Coffee, etc.​

At Keep-It-Clean, we understand that every facility has its unique requirements and schedule. That's why we provide tailored cleaning services that are designed to meet the specific demands of each facility.

Whether you need us once a month, once a week, or seven days a week, we're here to help.

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1435 Swift St, North Kansas City, MO 64116


+1 (816) 327-9686 - Office


(English and Español)


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