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Junk Removal

At Keep-It-Clean, we are devoted to making your life easier by providing effective and thorough cleaning services. We understand that after a renovation or eviction, you may have a lot of debris and unwanted items that needs to be taken care of. Our skilled team will haul everything off and dispose of it in the most efficient way possible, making sure to not inconvenience you or anyone involved. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Keep-It-Clean Junk Haul Off

Junk Outs

Junk Haul Off

Trash/Debris Removal

Keep-It-Clean Junk Haul Off

Junk Haul Offs

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Keep-It-Clean Junk Haul
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Keep-It-Clean Junk Pick Up_edited
Keep-It-Clean Junk Haul Off
Keep-It-Clean Junk Haul Off


1435 Swift St, North Kansas City, MO 64116


+1 (816) 327-9686 - Office


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